One Scotland Mapping Agreement

In July 2021, the Scottish government announced a new partnership with Ordnance Survey to develop a digital mapping agreement called ”One Scotland Mapping Agreement.” This agreement is set to revolutionize the way Scottish public sector organizations access and use digital mapping services.

The One Scotland Mapping Agreement is a three-year contract that will provide public sector organizations, including local government, health services, and emergency services, access to a range of mapping data and services. The agreement will enable these organizations to use mapping data to improve their services and better meet the needs of the communities they serve.

One of the key benefits of this agreement is that it will provide a standardized approach to the use of mapping data across the Scottish public sector. This will make it easier for organizations to share data and collaborate on projects, which will ultimately lead to more effective and efficient services for Scottish citizens.

The agreement will also provide access to a wide range of mapping services, including detailed aerial imagery, 3D mapping, and street-level mapping. This will enable organizations to create more accurate and detailed maps that can be used for a range of purposes, from planning new infrastructure projects to responding to emergencies.

Furthermore, the One Scotland Mapping Agreement will provide organizations with access to Ordnance Survey`s digital mapping platform, OS Maps. This platform allows users to create maps and access a wealth of mapping data and tools, including aerial imagery, historical maps, and route planning tools.

In addition to these services, the agreement also includes a range of support and training services. This will ensure that public sector employees have the skills and knowledge they need to use mapping data and services effectively.

Overall, the One Scotland Mapping Agreement is an exciting development for the Scottish public sector. By providing standardized access to mapping data and services, it will enable public sector organizations to work more efficiently and effectively. It will also provide citizens with better services, from improved emergency response to better infrastructure planning.

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